2017 Is Gone But Not Forgotten

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2018! Thanks to everyone that was in attendance of the 2017 2nd Planet events. As we reflect back on 2017, we must say that it was an incredible year based on everything that happened in including the Northern California Fires which was very close by!

Much “Thanks” to the band members that played a major part in our success in 2017. “A Special Thanks” to Van Waller, George Franklin and our guest vocalist Georgia Kenion.

“A Special Thanks” to Alex Dedal, Reggie Graham and Bryan C. Simmons who all did a superb job on keyboards.

Last but certainly not least, “A Special Thanks” to Marvin Eguia who was 2nd Planet’s keyboardist for nearly 8 years and presently has a special place with God.

2nd Planet is looking forward to giving you a great musical experience for 2018 and we will see you at the events.

Thanks Again!